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About Us

Web Solutions is a Melbourne-based software consultancy. We have over 20 years experience in software development across Windows and Unix based platforms with a focus on emerging technologies. We have extensive experience in systems integration - we can help you get your systems to talk to each other in manner that meets your requirements.

We provide a range of services from Web site and application construction, architectural consultancy and code-base/implementation assessments and reviews.


We are specialists in the following ASP.NET technologies:

  • ASP.NET MVC and Web Api
  • Signal R/Web services
  • Entity framework (including code-first)
  • Traditional ASP.NET Web Pages/Web Forms

Javascript Frameworks

Extensive experience in all things javascript, including:

  • jQuery
  • Knockout/Angular
  • Node.js

Data Experts

We are safe hands with your data, with experience covering:

  • SQL Server
  • NoSql/MongoDB
  • Lucene
  • Custom project-specific data stores


We provide a number of services, including independant assessments and reviews covering architecture, code reviews and performance testing. Our wealth of experience can complement your project in many ways, saving you money and helping you achieve a superior project delivery outcome.

Featured Site

JLearn.net is a responsive, comprehensive Japanese language learning website built with ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and web services. The site provides many technical UI components including a Kanji radical search and Kanji character animations as shown in the screengrab below.

Screen shot of a Kanji being animated
Photo: In this screengrab, a kanji character is being animated.

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